D-Now 2019

April 12-14, 2019

What's all the hype about DNOW? Well, when you spend a weekend with all your friends and you're all together with one purpose serving one God, it's almost indescribable. It's almost one of those things where you just gotta be there! But what we can say is that what you get out of this weekend is what you put in. 


If you want to find God, you'll find him.

If you want to experience freedom, it's available.

If you need friends to encourage you and build you up, they'll be there.

If you don't even know what you want, there's space for you to find out.

DNOW is for anyone who is okay with not going through the motions of this thing called Christianity.

It's for anyone who is ready for life change, real life change. DNOW is for YOU! Whether it's during one of the services, at a host home, or serving the community, each part of this weekend is designed with YOU in mind.


So what are you waiting for? 

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We all have gifts, and each one is important and needed. If you have the gift of hospitality and a heart for students, then being a Host Home for DNOW is for you! We'll help you plan and get ready. You just need the space and of course, the love. 


Russellville, Kentucky



 9:00am | 10:30am | 12:00pm

1710 Nashville St., Russellville KY 42276

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