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June 3rd - July 29th, 2024

The Point Intern Program is designed to train students from 10th grade to sophomores in college (or ages 15-20) to actively shape their communities.

Spreading God's Shalom 


1. Talk to your parents/guardians. 

2. Read all instructions carefully!

3. Fill out the application below and upload all required documents (Intro video + letter of recommendation)

4. Participate in a professional interview. We will contact you to set this up.

5. Get accepted and get ready for the best summer of your life!

For your video submission, please make a video telling us all about YOU. Be yourself! 

How will your past life experiences help you during the program?

How will you interact with the other interns/leaders?

When describing yourself, remember to cite real life examples. 

We love a good story! We're looking for REAL people, and we want to see the REAL you. Upload your final video below; please keep your video shorter than 3 minutes.

For your letter of recommendation, please choose someone who is not related to you. List their contact info in the form below and upload the completed letter.

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